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The Many Benefits of Raising Chickens..

No matter if you're a vegan or meat-eater, rural or urban, environmentalist, or not so much, chicken keeping will have many benefits for you. Whether you're keeping meat birds, raising them for eggs, or to keep as pets, you will benefit from chickens. Not only are they very cute, quirky little birds, but they're also very good for you and the environment! My favorite benefit of keeping chickens is fighting against mass factory farming of eggs and the cruelty that I know exists in the meat industry as well.  Many more benefits include fresh eggs from your own backyard, the convenience of having your own personal composters and waste disposal, natural pest control, they're great for educational purposes with the kids, promote a self-sustaining lifestyle, and that's just to name a few! They make really great pets! The pets that give back!

We started selling chicken coops in 2011 as a hobby after realizing there was no one offering this type of service in the Knoxville area. Keith has been in the construction/contracting business for 30 years, so he has a wide array of different experience from remodeling to building barns and houses. It just so happens that he's pretty good at building coops too!  We are very big on supporting small, local businesses, so we decided to offer our chicken tractor to other "chicken people" for sale. 

We offer choices in materials to ensure the tractors are affordable, but without taking away from the quality or durability. We hand-build every coop with care as if we were building it for ourselves. Custom requests are welcome! Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions!