Embassy Peeps!
Our extra large tractor is great for up to 12 chickens

Our extra large tractor, now called the Embassy Peeps is perfect for up to 12 chickens. You could start small and have room to expand with this coop. It is equipped with 4 nesting boxes and has 6' of roosting bar in the coop. There are 2 access doors on the run, one on the front and one underneath the coop. 

Dimensions: The extra large coop is 6' long, 3' wide, and 3' tall. The run is 10' long, 3' wide, and 2' tall. 

Embassy Peeps (Extra Large) Prices!

  • Our extra large with a 10' run is $775 
  • Extra large with a 12' run is $815
  • Extra large with 10' covered run is $1050
  • Extra large with 12' covered run is $1125