Free Ranger Coops
We can build a free range with any size coop to comfortably accomodate however many chickens you have or are planning to get.

Idea for someone that already has a run/pen and needs only a coop or someone that will be free ranging every day. The free ranger coop is only constructed with upgraded materials, which is barnside siding. For more information on the materials, look on the home-page. 

Dimensions of each:

Extra Large Free Range (coop part only)  is 6' long, 3' wide, and 3' tall. 

Jumbo Free Range (coop part only) is 8' long, 3' wide, and 3' tall.

Free Ranger Prices...

  • Extra large free ranger is $650.

  • Jumbo free ranger is $775.

  • If interested in a smaller size free range coop. please give us a call for a quote!