Reviews by customers from our Facebook Page. 

"We received our large chicken coop this weekend and couldn't be happier!! The attention to detail in construction of the coop is spot on. You can tell that Keith takes pride in his work. This coop was made to last a very long time. It's very easy to get into to clean, and gather eggs. This was money well spent!! Our girls seem to like it too! They went right in and got busy laying."

"Smoky Mountain Chicken Tractors was awesome to work with. Keith was great to communicate with. He was quick to respond to any questions or changes I needed to make. After I got the coop home, his wife even took the time to answer my newbie chicken questions.The coop is very heavy duty and well made. I feel confident that the tractor will keep my hens safe from predators. My hens are definitely enjoying their new home! I would highly recommend Smoky Mountain Chicken Tractors!"

"So far this coop has been amazing. Keith was very easy to work with and our chickens love the coop. Easy to clean. You can move it fairly easy. We have an extra large that is 10ft with an extended covered run. Built very Sturdy and looks very nice. Worth the money you will spend." 

"Keith produces a top-quality product with excellent customer service! Our ladies love their coop and we know they will be able to love it for years thanks to the quality, predator-proof construction. We researched options far and wide before going with SMCT. Don't waste your time. Buy from Smoky Mtn. Chicken Tractors - you won't find any better!" 

"Seriously the best coops out there. I wanted to be sure that my girls were safe during the winter storm. Put my hand inside the coop and it was surprisingly warm! No lights needed. They love it, it's cute and it's easy to maintain. Thank you for this awesome coop!" 

"We bought a coop a few months ago and it is PERFECT! It's very sturdy and exactly what we needed. Keith was very easy to work with and delivered exactly what we'd spoken about. I highly recommend these guys if you're looking for a well-made, beautiful coop!" 

"We love our chickens and coop ! I'll be honest after figuring building materials to build one on my own, and seeing prices if these chicken tractors I thought they would be poorly built or rickety. They're anything but !! Very sturdy and dependable. My chickens are very happy and have lots of room . My coop was custom built to suit my needs and was completed in a timely manner. Have and would recommend to anyone !!"

"Keith makes solid coops and is willing to be flexible with custom projects. Solid work!"

"Love keiths work got a coop from him about 3 months ago and now about to have another one built along with a brooder. He takes much pride in his work."

"I wrote my 5 star review last night, but woke up to this this morning....can I add another star or two??! Something tried to get the chickens last night, the ground is all scratched up on both sides of the coop and whatever it was also got up on top of the run. It is absolutely worth the extra money over what Tractor Supply sells coops for, to have a predator proof coop!!"